Register a Shipping Company in Cyprus

Cypriot and European citizens may advance with the all-important procedures and annals their barge on the Registrar of Ships. However, non-European citizens who ambition to annals a abode beneath the Cyprus banderole they are answerable to absorb a Cyprus Shipment Company. The congenital Cyprus shipment aggregation will access the abode in its name. In this article, I will accommodate some basal admonition apropos the accumulation and aliment of a Cyprus shipment company.

The shipment aggregation is registered as a clandestine aggregation with bound accountability afterward the accoutrement of the Cyprus Companies Law. For the aggregation formation, the filing of the announcement and online writing of affiliation in Greek with the Registrar of Companies is obligatory. The authoritative action adapted for aggregation accumulation is about 3-5 canicule back the filing of the all-important documentation. Note that the action ability be accelerated for burning cases. It could be deduced that the assimilation of a shipment aggregation requires an able acknowledged and authoritative support.

Memorandum and Online writing of Association

The announcement should accommodate company’s objects. In the case of shipment companies, the accustomed altar are abode buying and operation, money borrowing, mortgages, etc. On the added hand, the online writing tend to accept Table A of the Companies Law with some changes or accession whether it is required.

Name of the Aggregation and Registered Address

A primary claim is that the name of the aggregation should end with the chat “Limited” or “Ltd”. The Registrar of Companies should accept the name. The approval usually takes two canicule but in burning cases the action may be accelerated. The registered abode has to be in Cyprus. In abounding cases it is anchored at the offices of the attorneys who accept congenital the aggregation in Cyprus. Note that the secretary keeps the registers and minute-books.

Share Capital

The allotment basic of the shipment aggregation can be nominal or the absolute bulk to be deposited by the promoters for the accomplishing of the venture. It can be submitted in abounding or by calls, in banknote or the shares can be allocated per value. All classes of shares and with altered voting and allotment rights are acceptable. Note that all shares should be nominative and agent shares are not acceptable.

Shareholders and Aegis of Benign Shareholders

The assimilation and aliment of a Cyprus clandestine aggregation crave one shareholder, behindhand of nationality. Based on the accoutrement of the Cyprus law all shareholders of the shipment aggregation can be foreigners residing abroad. The alteration of shares from one greenhorn to accession is permitted.

Cyprus law recognises assurance accord both by statute and in equity. We may accommodate you the all-important abutment for the alertness and accumulating of the aegis affidavit that includes the following:

assurance deed;

the aboriginal allotment certificates issued in the names of the appointee shareholders;

instruments of alteration of shares accomplished in blank;

directors’ resolutions acknowledging the alteration of shares (in case appointee admiral are appointed);

undated belletrist of abandonment of the appointee directors;

certain allotment mandates for transaction of assets to the benign owners or an anniversary appointed by them.


Annual accepted affairs should be abiding every year. The aboriginal accepted affair accept to yield abode aural 18 months back the assimilation of the company. Accepted affairs may yield abode away and accounting resolutions should be active by all shareholders and this will be acceptable instead of a meeting.

Directors and Auditors

One or added admiral behindhand of allegiance could be appointed. The allegiance of the admiral does not access the cachet of the company. Consequently, it is not compulsatory to accept bounded directors, unless it is added acceptable to authorize bounded administration for tax or added purposes.

Shareholders adjudge for the arrangement and abatement of directors. The lath affair may yield abode in any allotment of the world.

Directors’ resolution can be adopted in one of the afterward two ways:

at a lath affair appropriately aggregate and held

after a affair accustomed that the resolution is active by all director

Auditors are accustomed and removed during the accepted meeting. Otherwise, the admiral accept the ascendancy to accredit auditors until the assemblage of a accepted assembly. Books can be kept in any currency.


The admiral of the aggregation accredit and abolish the secretary of the company. The allegiance of the secretary is not important and does not access the cachet of the company. Nonetheless, it is recommended that the secretary is a aggregation or an alone citizen in the country area admiral live. In accession to this, it is adapted to be appointed in Cyprus an abettor secretary who will arise to company’s anniversary formalities in the country. The closing will assure that all company’s anniversary allotment are appropriately active and filed with the Registrar of Companies by the secretary. It should be accent that a administrator can aswell be company’s secretary. This does not administer in the case there is alone one administrator and if the aggregation has one shareholder.


Annual allotment accept to be filed with the Registrar of Companies. The names of shareholders accept to arise in the anniversary returns.

Afterwards, the anniversary allotment are accessible for accessible inspection.

Procedure for Assimilation of a Cyprus shipment company

In the case of the accumulation of a Cyprus shipment company, law firms in Cyprus crave the following: particulars.

aggregation name;

the bulk of authorised allotment capital;

if the shareholders will subscribe to the announcement and online writing of affiliation themselves or through Cypriot nominees;

whether shares will be captivated in assurance by Cypriot nominees;

names, address, allegiance and activity of benign owners;

name, address, allegiance and activity of directors;

name and abode of secretary.


The fees for the assimilation of a aggregation accommodate the Allotment Fees (a anchored bulk of €102,52) abacus 0,6% on the nominal capital. It is arresting that in Cyprus there are no anniversary fees for the aliment and operation of the company. However, there is a brand assignment of €17,09 that corresponds to the filing of the anniversary returns.

Trading and Taxation

Following the affair of the affidavit of assimilation by the Registrar of Companies, the shipment aggregation may activate its activities and advance with the allotment of a barge in its name.

Taxation is one of the a lot of ample advantages that constitutes Cyprus an adorable abode administration destination. Briefly, until the 31st December 2020 no assets tax will be charged, imposed or calm on:

The assets acquired by the shipowners who owns a Cyprus barge from the operation of such vessel. This accouterment does not cover fishing companies based in Cyprus.

The assets paid to the actor or the associates of a corporation, acquired from profits from the operation of a Cyprus vessel.

Proceed with the Allotment of a Cyprus Shipment Company

The allotment of a Cyprus shipment aggregation does not embrace complicated authoritative procedures. Nevertheless, the allotment of a Cyprus shipment aggregation requires a accumulating and able alertness of all-important affidavit and adapted acknowledged support. As a result, individuals who ambition to absorb a Cyprus shipment aggregation and annals their barge beneath the Cyprus banderole should seek for able acknowledged admonition and support.